Lux Art Institute – Artist Pavilion Gallery

Lux Art Institute – Artist Pavilion Gallery

1550 South El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024
January 2017
Dave Holmander
The Lux Art Institute and Gallery is a unique find in an unlikely location. Tucked away (almost) on the buzzy El Camino Real nearing the end of a very fasted paced roadway heading toward Cardiff by the Sea and among mixed businesses but mostly moderately prices homes. It happens that on my visit quite by chance I was riding my bike and decided to turn. In actuality I met Sheri Coury Visitor Services Representative who had just arrive to open the gallery pavilion.  She invited me to explore and specifically that cyclist got free admission. (really?)
The image of many museum in a historical context is broadly know as repositories for date and antiquated work from past centuries regardless the artist. It was therefore refreshing to learn about LUX progressive stance so depicted in the Vision and Mission statements.

Lux Art Institute is redefining the museum experience to make art more accessible and personally meaningful.


At Lux, you don’t just see finished works of art; you see the artistic process firsthand, observing internationally recognized artists in a working studio environment. Lux education programs support community in developing a creative voice through exploration, experimentation, and discovery.

As part of this mission, Lux works to:


Support emerging and established artists in the development of new projects through a seasonal residency program.


Exhibit finished works from Lux residencies alongside the artist’s other works,


Engage the community to foster an appreciation of the living artist and creative process.


Encourage creative and critical thinking through inquiry, reflection, and discussion of contemporary art practices.


Implement a project-based learning method with the philosophy that the process is as significant as the final artwork


Nurture interdisciplinary learning by integrating new media and common core principles into our onsite and outreach programs

The current gallery pavilion show featured their resident artist SIRO Cugusi who currently works in Sardinia, Italy.  Sardinia is the second largest island of the west coast of Italy with very rocky coastline. The show is on exhibition from January 21, 2017 thru March 18, 2017.

SIRO b 1980 earned a BFA from Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 and has exhibited in 2011 Venice Biennale and more recently soloed at Dean Borghi Fine Arts, NY 2016.
 His inspiration for art is found with the desire to develop a deeper character of reality, the life of nature and the muse rambling through many notes enveloped. What I find very interesting is his tenor for decomposition and alchemic transformation of elements. Also, he adds biomorphic and surreal form arranged objects presented as his personal interpretation with a hint of cubism.
On a more personal note I examine his brush stroke which is very heavy showing intensity and passion.
His work is largely untitled using only Arabic letters and numbers to signify each work and thus there are no titles included here.
 Shown here are only a few of the larger works. SIRO also had some smaller works and prints.

I provided these last two pictures to provide a sense of the scale of the work and it curation within the gallery.

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